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Pipeline break lights up DeWitt skies

DeWitt County skies turned red Sunday night when a pipeline break resulted in a huge fire between Cuero and Westhoff.
Early reports indicate an Energy Transfer pipeline located near FM 953 and Lindenau Road erupted in fire shortly after sunset.
While several homes were evacuated near the area, there were no reports of any injuries near the break.
Fire departments from Westhoff to Cuero plus numerous first responders were on the scene to fight the fire and control traffic.
Oil production companies with wells in the area responded by shutting down their production to reduce pressure at the pipeline.
A fire command center was established near Lindenau Hall to control the emergency.

Cuero Intermediate School gym set up for temporary housing site

The Red Cross notified Cuero Independent School superintendent Jim Haley that the DeWitt County Sheriff's Office issued a voluntary evacuation order of all affected areas around or near the Guadalupe River.

The Cuero Intermediate School gym will be used as a temporary housing site for flood evacuees beginning at 5 p.m. on Monday, May 25. Staff and volunteers will be on-hand tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. to ready the facility for the people who need to stay there.

“We have been encouraged to keep things as normal as possible, so we are still planning to have school as usual at this time. However, we are maintaining constant contact with one another as well as Red Cross, first responders, and surrounding communities for the latest updates,” Haley said.


DCSO has issued a voluntary evacuation alert

The DeWitt County Sheriff's Office  issued a voluntary evacuation order of all affected areas around or near the Guadalupe River. The river is expected to reach levels of 44 feet.

This is the time to put cattle and farm equipment on high ground.

Remember to take your pets and medications with you if you evacuating.

Following are the issued warnings from the National Weather Service.

At 43 feet - Disastrous flooding in the west part of Cuero as flow escapes the Guadalupe River into Gholke Creek. Severe flooding can displace homes just west of downtown. Near Thomaston, 10 miles south of Cuero, hundreds of homes are flooded to over 10 feet. All roads into Cuero are closed except Highway 87. Hundreds of livestock are cut off and drowned.

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