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According to the Texas Department of Health, some 340,000 Texans have Alzheimer’s — a number which continues to grow as our average age rises. One effect of Alzheimer’s is when a person becomes disoriented and wanders away. Sometimes it’s just a block or two, but often it can be miles. 
To search just a four block area would take response personnel hours. Project Lifesaver equipment can do that in minutes. DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office was the fourth agency in the state to bring PLS to its citizens in 2003. PLS is the nation’s most effective program for locating and rescuing missing people with Alzheimer’s, Autism, Down Syndrome, and related dementia-type disorders.
Clients are fitted with a bracelet about the size of a wristwatch. The bracelet sends out a radio signal which can be tracked utilizing search equipment. On foot, in a vehicle, or in the air searches can be made by responding personnel. The average rescue time is less than 30 minutes — 95 percent less time than a standard operation.
No one in DeWitt County will go without our service. The cost of the bracelet is $375 which can be reused. PLS accepts donations to help offset the cost of the bracelets and batteries.
For more information on PLS, contact the DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office or
By Jode Zavesky
DeWitt County Sheriff
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