Bowen visits Hollywood for "Cold Justice" reunion


“When they came down, they tore this case apart. They ripped it to shreds,” said DeWitt County Sheriff’s Dept. investigator Carl Bowen.
“I respect what it is they do. They helped us solve a 12-year old murder,” he said.
Sgt. Bowen is referring to the team from television’s “Cold Justice.” 
In 2012 that team was in this county investigating a 12-year-old crime. When they finished, Ronnie Joe Hendricks, 42, was indicted for murder and eventually sentenced to prison.
It was an investigation that helped launch the TNT network series. Now in its second season, the “Cold Justice” team invited Bowen back to Hollywood to be a part of a special episode, “Justice Served.”
This episode will air Friday, July 18, at 8 p.m. on TNT.
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