Letters to Editor

Dear Editor,

In reference to the opinion letter penned by Mr. John Janacek, a rebut is both necessary and appropriate.

Mr. Janacek quickly draws a comparison to unnamed dictatorships, but let us remember that we are a nation of laws, with three separate but equal branches of government. There is no danger of that happening here.

With reference to the “ban on Muslin's travel to the US from 7 Islamic nations”, a review of that proposal reveals that it is not a ban at all, merely a 90 day moratorium on travel from these countries, just as President Trump indicated in his campaign promises. With regard to what Mr. Janacek terms an “overblown reaction to terrorism”, I would suggest that President Trump has better information regarding terrorism in the U.S. that Mr. Janacek, and would therefore be in a better position to determine what constitutes an appropriate reaction vs. an overblown reaction to terrorism.


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