Care for patients

Dear Editor,

For the past 18 years, Michael McLeod, M.D., has cared for patients in the Cuero area. He has delivered many babies, treated people with various illnesses and even made house calls. He raised his children here and has been an active member of his community and his church.

Now, for reasons his patients can’t understand, according to Dr. McLeod, the Board of Directors of the Cuero Regional Hospital is making it impossible for him to continue his life’s work in our community. This is not only unfair to Dr. McLeod but is unfair to his patients. People build a relationship with their family physician that is unlike any other. When this relationship is unnecessarily taken taken, everyone involved suffers.

Just as brick buildings don’t educate students, hospitals don’t heal patients. Without teachers, students don’t learn and without doctors, people don’t get well. Our community has need of more doctors not the removal of one who has been a true “lifesaver” for many of us.

I would hope that the Board of Directors would re-evaluate their decision and allow his patients to have the care of Dr. McLeod.

Marilynn Dietze


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