Constable Phelps speaks against 'dirty politics'

Dear Editor,

Politics can be dirty, as we all know. I was completely surprised last week during Commissioner’s Court, when County Judge Daryl Fowler accused me, Kelly Phelps, Constable PCT 1 of playing foul politics with my office.

Judge Fowler accused me of showing up at his residence in DeWitt County on Feb. 25, 2018 during an arrest of his son, and releasing video footage of that call to Brandon Mays (former County Judge candidate). I want to assure you that I have never been on any call for service at Judge Fowler’s house, nor have I ever used my office for political gain. I will submit evidence to Commissioner’s Court on Monday, March 8, 2021 that proves I was not at his residence that day in question, and will show what officers were there.

Accusing another elected official in an open forum should never take place. Dirty political attacks like this are played out in Washington on a daily basis, but should never happen or be tolerated in DeWitt County. When accusations like this are made, it makes the citizens of our county question the character and integrity of their elected officials. No good ever comes from cheap, dirty politics like this; it erodes the very institution that we have sworn an oath to uphold.

We all need to do our part to keep DeWitt County politics respectful and be the voice of the people we serve. I am sure that the County Judge can use his office in a positive manner for the good of the people and help them during these unprecedented times, instead of conducting an unwarranted personal attack against my office and me.

I look forward to our two offices working together in the future for the greater good of the citizens of DeWitt County. I will continue to serve as your Constable in a professional and respectful manner as I have done during my six-year career.

Kelly Phelps

DeWitt County

Constable PCT 1

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