Disappointment with City Hall hours

Dear Editor,

I was disappointed when I received my recent utility bill and read that the City of Cuero is changing its business hours. The notice indicated that this change is for the convenience of our citizens; however, City employees have told me that this change was to accommodate them. If they need to take their children to the doctor or the dentist, they could schedule these appointments for Friday afternoons.

I believe that the City office hours should correspond with the normal business hours for the businesses in the community. I am not aware of any businesses in Cuero that close their offices on Friday afternoons.

If the City wants to accommodate the citizens of Cuero, the City Manager should consider extending its hours to remain open until 6 p.m. and/or have Saturday morning hours. The City could permit employees to have flexible work schedules, which would allow them to have personal time off during normal business hours while still accommodating the community they serve.

I have been told that in the past the City kept Saturday morning hours. Extending the hours would allow citizens to pay a utility bill, meet with someone from the Building Department, or transact some other business with the City at the citizen’s convenience.

Perhaps the City Manager should remember who serves whom.


David A. Scott


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