Egg shares points

Dear Editor,

It is not often that I find myself agreeing with Mr. Sagebiel on political issues; but on the issue of a constitutional convention I agree with some of his points.

I agree that a balanced budget would be a bad idea. It would render the legislators unable to effectively respond to unforeseen emergencies/disasters either natural or man-made. Instead why don’t the members of congress learn something about economics beyond the words “all taxes bad, all spending except for military and congressional salaries bad.”

Term limits would also be a bad idea. There would be a loss of continuity and each new group would basically have to reinvent the wheel so to speak. This would also be a sure-fire way to further entrench the bureaucracy that so many folks rail against. A better idea would be to stop the gerrymandering of congressional districts which would make it easier to vote nonperforming incumbents out of office.

I would be in favor of a constitutional amendment (though not via convention) that would get corporate and special interest money out of the electoral process. After all, the preamble does say “We the people,” not we the corporations.

One thing I find very disturbing, and it began several years ago, is the relinquishing of power from congress to the president. Why are we now, or in the past several years, fighting in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Vietnam, Libya, Somalia, etc. when Congress has not declared war? Today we have a president who is undoing years of diplomatic effort and international agreements - the Paris climate accord, the nuclear agreement with Iran, trade agreements with our partners and allies. Where is congress? We have a mess at our southern border with ICE running wild and separating the children of asylum seekers from their parents (family values?). Where is congress? I could go on but I do not wish to belabor the point.

Our government was set up to have three co-equal branches so they could serve as a balance. When one branch got too far out of line the others could rein them back in. This congress in particular has been asleep at the wheel.

It is time for congress to resume exercising its constitutional duties and responsibilities. It is also time for the president to learn what his constitutional duties and powers are and are not.

We the people, not we the corporations, not we the political party. Please vote in the upcoming elections. Let your pleasures and displeasures be known. Your vote does matter.

Robert Egg


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