Gossett encourages voter participation in May 7 election

Dear Editor,

Democracy depends on citizen participation; Cuero, we need you to participate in the May 7th election. Voting is the way, as citizens, you help choose leaders who reflect your values. Our choices as voters govern many aspects of our lives. Not voting, sadly, also has consequences. You have a voice. You have a vote. I implore you to vote in the Cuero election on May 7th.

Given the past 12 years of progress and prosperity in Cuero, I feel the choices are clear in terms of which candidates will best serve our amazing town. Given the major advances in economic development (Brookshire Brothers, Amherst, Nest Fresh, etc), as well as beautification efforts to Cuero, the choice is clear. You have a voice in this election. And, every vote will absolutely make a difference. We cannot assume that a single vote will not impact the results! You have a right to vote and have a voice in the process for choosing our local leaders. Choose wisely, do your research on the candidates to make an informed decision and cast your vote on May 7th.

A quick drive down the main streets of Cuero shows the growth with capital improvement projects by the City of Cuero (streets repaved, park improvements and new businesses). Properties once vacant are being re-developed, bringing fresh life to downtown Cuero. The quality of life in Cuero continues to improve and I have voted for the candidates that I feel will continue to work hard for Cuero. Every vote matters…vote on May 7 in our local election.

Greg Gossett


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