Judge Bill Robinson, you will be missed

By Roger Cowan

Yorktown News-View

There comes a time when an event touches your life that will forever change it. In those times, it becomes difficult for even seasoned journalists to remain journalistically neutral. Such is one of those times. This past week, Yorktown and DeWitt County lost one of the most respected members of our community with the passing of Judge Bill Robinson. I would like to share with you the thoughts that came to mind as I reflected on the impact Judge Robinson had on the brief time in which I was priviledged to have known him.

A man who I counted as a mentor, a confidant, and above all, a friend has left his earthly bonds. He dedicated his life to his country, his community, and his family. He was never known to mince words, but seasoned those same words with honesty and fairness. he offered up his body and mind in service to his country, then returned home to offer the same as both a volunteer EMT and as Justice of the Peace. Children loved him, and adults respected him. To share in just a small piece of his wisdom, one had but to ask. He was a guiding hand in many people’s life, and a rock of comfort to those who needed it.

Several times, I sought his counsel on a subject, and he eagerly advised me to the best of his ability. For those brief moments, I will be forever grateful. For his advice, I will be forever in his debt. What he gave to this community can never be repaid, or equaled. When my son asks what it means to truly be a man, he shall always be one of the examples I can point to without a shred of hesitation.

Though our hearts may grow heavy with the sorrow of his passing, let us rejoice in the light he has shone in all of our lives, and let us remember him for the light that he has brought to this world.

Judge Bill Robinson, you will be missed. Your shoes can never be fully filled, and may we all live long enough to be half the man you were. Rest easy, my friend, your work here is done.

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