Koranek recovers missing ring

Dear Editor,

The last week of November, while I was going to Cuero Regional Hospital for physical therapy, I lost one of my most treasured James Avery rings. It had belonged to my Mother, and when she passed away 14 years ago, it was left to me. I looked everywhere in my home for it, but could not find it. It had to be here at home, or in and around the hospital because I came directly home from therapy.

I asked at various places inside the hospital if it had been found. I finally placed an ad in the Cuero Record for 2 weeks offering a reward for the return of it.

Today, January 14th, a young lady named Mariah, but don’t know her last name, called me to let me know she had found it in the restroom. She is the lady who registers patients for lab and mammograms. I was, and still am elated!

Needless to say, I cried tears of joy when she handed it to me. She would not accept my monetary reward. I am extremely touched by her honesty and kindness. The hospital should be proud to have Mariah employed there. She has been like a guardian angel to me.

Pat Koranek


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