No turkey for Fido or Garfield

By Linda Anzaldua

Pet Adoptions of Cuero

Pet authorities and many vets are advising pet owners that Thanksgiving is not the best time to share your holiday feast with the family pet. Turkey skins, drippings, gravy and bones can cause severe digestive problems for your dog or cat. Other food items on the family gathering table such as stuffing, nuts, butter, chocolate, bread, and alcohol are also on the “do not serve” list for canines and felines. They may sit at your feet with anxious eyes hoping for some tasty tidbits to be dropped their way – but please hold off on sharing your feast. Pet Adoptions of Cuero recommends giving them some pet certified canned or dry food as a treat instead or an extra chewy or toy as a way to help them celebrate during the holiday season. It’s Sweater Weather for Pets With the recent cold snap and many more below 50 degrees days ahead this winter – Pet Adoptions of Cuero is hoping everyone will step up to help their family pet, pets or even a neighbors pet. Adequate shelter indoors is the only way safe way for all pets – large or small to stay healthy and comfortable. Food – Plan to provide more food for your pet during cold spells. In order to keep warm, they expel more energy and therefore need added nourishment. Water – Fresh, clean water is a must and it must be checked regularly to see that is has not frozen. Also the bowl or water container should not be metal because the pet’s tongue can stick and freeze on any metal surface. Dog walks – Find a place for your pet to get a limited amount of outdoor time during the super cold temps. Make sure it is not frozen or wet concrete or any surface that might have been treated with salt or chemicals. Bundle up - Many dogs will welcome a sweater, coat or warm covering signaling they will be ready to go on an outdoor excursion. The stores have a variety of sizes for mutts and pups and even dogs with longer fur can appreciate the extra warmth of the fabric. All the smaller breeds such as Chihuahua’s, terriers, and yorkies many times want to wear one around the clock. Holiday Obstacles – Keep in mind your pet does know there are low hung holiday lights in your yard and/or tempting swinging shiny bulbs on the tree – so be prepared to set areas off limits in order to save your decorations and also keep your pet from becoming entangled. Holiday Gifts – Pets are not the best “surprise” gift to give to a family or friend. The decision to adopt a pet should be made by the party that will become its full time care giver. Pet Adoptions of Cuero has gift certificates available to present as a Christmas gift to anyone who thinks a family is ready to invite a new furry family member to their home. But the decision on which pet – dog or cat, young or old, big or small can be the choice of the recipient. For more information stop by the Pet Adoptions of Cuero shelter, 407 US Highway 183S, Cuero any day from 8 AM to 12 noon or call for a convenient time to check out their largest inventory of pets to date: 361-243-8550.

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