'Not good enough'

Dear Editor,

Only one third of the local population is fully vaccinated from the COVID virus.

That means two out of every three people are not fully vaccinated. This is not good enough. While you may be sick and tired of people trying to promote getting vaccinated, I would urge you to consider the following as to why your choice does matter to others.

Last week, a DeWitt county resident had a significant non-COVID related illness which exceeded the level of care available in Cuero. It took over 24 hours for a bed to become available in a hospital with the needed services. While the outcome appears to be very positive, it does cause me to reflect of the issues that caused this situation.

Last week, Methodist Hospital in San Antonio was completely full due in large part to COVID patients. What does this mean to you and your loved ones? It means that if one of your loved ones needs a complicated heart procedure or your child is tragically injured, there may well be a delay in getting needed care. Delays in care often mean a change in the outcomes and success of treatments.

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