RWOYA approves position statement regarding election integrity, censorship policy statement

Dear Editor,

Be it Known:

We do not condone violence. Questioning the integrity of a presidential election in which there are outstanding, credible testimonies by sworn grassroots workers can not go unanswered. If we cannot trust the elections, we cannot trust the politicians who come to power as a result of the elections. Honest, transparent, and trustworthy elections are the cornerstone of our republic. We support a forensic examination of elections in which there are credible questions regarding the integrity of an election.

Censorship is a precursor for tyranny. We will not be silenced. Suppression and censorship of Free Speech is a crime against both the Texas and United States Constitutions  and the Federal Civil Rights Act. We call for prosecution of these crimes.

The Republican Women of the Yoakum Area are local citizens who have joined together for the cause of freedom by working together to preserve and protect our Constitutional form of government. We know that beliefs without action are of no value. The RWOYA is at the forefront of Conservative Leadership in Senate District 18, and we will continue to be so. Weakness in the face of socialism and tyranny is inexcusable and not acceptable.

We invite the citizens of Lavaca, DeWitt, and Gonzales Counties, both women and men, to join with us, as we continue to serve as leaders in our communities. Find your voice and stand up for America. Meetings are held at the Yoakum Community Center at 105 Huck Street on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 11:30 a.m. for the program and lunch.  Business meeting for members to follow.

Brenda Cash

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