'Show me something relevant'

Dear Editor,

Well, I see an election coming soon for city council District 2. A single member district on the west side of town. Running is one person trying to hold on to his seat, one person that has held that seat before and one person is a young lady.

I need someone actually willing to show me something relevant to the people of this district. It seems that the elephant in the room is the high cost of electricity and heat but none of the candidates talked about that. The question that is ignored or just passed off as ‘not my fault, blame the past administration.’ Yet the citizens foot the bill.The elderly and retired on fixed income who in the summer pay horrendous bills like $500 to $600 dollars! Even $300 a month is outrageous! Yet for years we have been footing the bill. What can be done? Tell me that. Ask your councilman–maybe they don’t know or care. Maybe just the title of councilman is enough for them.

Again, show me something relevant.

Ernest Cuellar

District 2, Cuero

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