Summer pet safety urged by PAOC

Dear Editor,

Cuero, Yorktown, Yoakum and all of DeWitt County make up some of the most pet friendly communities in the state.  So please folks – make it a super safe summer for our furry friends.

1. Prepare for July 4th!!!  Pet Adoptions of Cuero and the Cuero City Shelter are bombarded the day after with calls about missing pets.  It’s only one night of fireworks, please put your pet inside or find it a secure quiet place for the evening.

A scared pet will disappear or dart into traffic – don’t make this fun night a sad one by losing a precious family pet.

2. Provide adequate water daily. A water bowl “empty” or sitting in the hot sun is no way for a pet to refresh themselves.

3. Provide a shady place – not an enclosed dog house!  The heat inside the dog house can be up to 10 times the temperature in the direct sun.  Covered patios, airy garages, any open space with adequate ventilation will help keep your pet comfortable.

4.  Don’t chain up your pet so they have no option to escape from the heat.  Pets are smart and will do their best to be comfortable but a chained dog in the summer can quickly become a dead dog.

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