Westhoff Veterans Day program

Dear Editor,

I was profoundly moved, and I truly appreciated the Veterans’ Day program put on by all 80 of the students at Westhoff school. I hope Mrs. Sturm, Mr. Kenne, and Superintendent Kennedy were reminded what a noble profession they are part of. They deserve our appreciation for bringing out the best in their diverse student population. Public schools are a crucial part of what makes America great. Every student eagerly lined up to shake our hands and thank us for our service. I saw our hopes for tomorrow in every single face beaming back at me with such pure personal joy at simply doing something kind for us old guys. Mr. Kenne asked me why I disappeared so fast. I told him most all of those students would tell their parents about one old man who had tears in his eyes. I had to get out quick before the damn burst. I also shed tears for the angry, divisive country these youngsters have to try to make sense of.

God bless America!

Alton Mueller

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