When is good enough ever "good enough"?

Dear Editor,

In my 72 years of life, I have never seen so much control by the government as I have seen the last 18 months. The main media is now more corrupt, following the government’s control of the people. Our freedom to live life is diminishing rapidly. Ms. Sheppard, your words of shaming the unvaccinated were just plain wrong. Even the main media has called unvaccinated people criminals. There is a difference between what is right and what is true. So, let us discuss the effects of this vaccine. Does it give you immunity-no. Does it eliminate the virus-no. Does it guarantee you not to get it-no. Does it keep you from spreading it-no. Does it prevent you from dying from it-no. This vaccine has however been proven to cause swelling and pain in arms, infertility, blood clots, paralysis, liver and heart issues, and immune system changes. These issues with the vaccine will last the rest of your life. If you do get the COVID-19 virus, it only lasts normally one to two weeks with over a 99% survival rate.

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