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    Cuero Country Club Board members and guests pose for a group photo with the newly planted tree at the County Club in honor of longtime manager Jim Warner.

'The Jim Tree'

By Allison Flores

The Cuero Record


The Cuero Country Club Board held a ceremony on Tuesday, Oct. 20 in honor of longtime manager James “Jim” Warner, who passed away on September 10, 2020. 

A tree was planted on the club’s property in Jim’s honor and plenty of folks gathered around to celebrate and remember his life. 

Board member Mike Cavanaugh addressed the crowd. 

“The historians among us say that Jim was the sixth manager of the club and began working in 1985,” said Cavanaugh. “There are a lot of ‘Jim’ stories–mine kind of all revolve around his Z3. I confiscated my aunt’s Z3 and we were always talking smack and carrying on about who had the best car,” he laughed. 

Cavanaugh continued, “I also remember him in his later years when he was a substitute teacher–he always did a great job at the schools and so he had a special place in my heart.” 

Other stories surrounding the ceremony were centered on how Jim taught many children how to swim at the country club, and of course, memories of staying out until about 3 a.m. at the club’s bar came up. 

Debra Baros wrote the following poem, The Jim Tree, which was read on Tuesday:

“Jim was a jokester and a prankster from the start

Loving deeply from his Southwest Texas State heart

He cooked, he laughed, he planned 

Working all jobs wherever he ran 

From the kitchen to the pool, to the yard so fine

With his mud pies, queso burgers and omelets so divine

Master Chef, Master Gardener, Lifeguard Trainer the best 

As lil kids lined up to take swimming lessons so blest

He was gruff, yes, often so gracious too

As he welcomed his guests with his mike so ado

He took care of his lil old ladies so fair

With their birthdays and anniversaries so aware

Yes, as lifeguards jumped off the pool house 

Then flushing the pool and giving it a douse 

He’d drive up in his new convertible so green 

To watch the jokesters unleash their jokes so very keen 

We’ll miss you dear Jim–your family–your friends

As your Bobcats purr you on with their many wins

As you reached for the stars that cool September day

Celebrating God’s Heaven as you flew on your way

We celebrated your generosity and your love so true

With this tree, we dedicated today to remember just you.”

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