CRH offers motivation for staff vaccination

By Anna Noel

The Cuero Record

The regular meeting of the Cuero Regional Hospital board was held on Thursday, Aug. 26, at 5:30 p.m. The floor was opened for community input in general and on the tax rate, but, as there was none, the Board reviewed the 2021 ad valorem property tax rate. After looking over financial information for the years of 2018, 2019, 2020, and the projected information for 2021, the Board voted to approve the tax rate of 0.28856%, raised from last year by 11.12%.

The board then reviewed and approved the minutes from the July 29 and Aug. 9 meetings. The financial and statistical report was given and approved, and there were no appointments or reappointments to be voted on.

The reports on quality and safety, finance, community, people, and growth were given. The hospital will now be employing TL plumbing instead of Edwards plumbing and will save $76,945 in consequence. CEO Lynn Falcone reported on the amounts of Regeneron being used and delivered and how the management of staff has been going with the spike in COVID cases. Falcone also reported that for three months in a row the hospital’s asepsis rate was 100%.

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