Cuero ISD considers transitioning out of online learning

By Allison Flores

The Cuero Record


Talk of cycling out of online or remote learning took up a bulk of the conversation at last Monday’s Cuero ISD Board of Trustees monthly meeting. Superintendent Dr. Micah Dyer spoke to Board members, pointing out that in the five weeks Cuero ISD has resumed, only 12 cases of COVID-19 were reported within the district; cases were also reportedly contracted outside of the school district. 

“A lot of the school districts around us are cycling out of online learning,” said Dyer, “and they are [offering] the option of face-to-face, homeschooling, or [students] need a doctor’s note saying they cannot come to school–that is the only way they are offering the option of online learning.” 

He continued, “I’ve got a large number of teachers who are burned out already because they are spending ninety percent of their time dealing with online learners–it’s not working, we aren’t getting attendance from these kids anyway because most of them aren’t logging on, we can’t get into contact.” 

Dyer explained that he was going to meet with the district’s Instructional Cabinet on Tuesday to discuss a timeline for cycling out, which could be within the next three to six weeks. At the time of the meeting, there have been no set plans put into place by Cuero ISD to transition from online or remote learning to face-to-face. 

“So, by progress report time of the second six weeks or by the end of the second six weeks we are going to say: ‘The only option you have is face-to-face for Cuero ISD unless you have a doctor’s note saying you cannot come up here,’” said Dyer. 

“As of right now, as I said, the teachers are working really hard–it’s just really difficult, it’s just a tough deal. Within the next few weeks, we are probably going to the one-hundred percent online automated program and then cycle out to where [students] show up face-to-face.” 

Families that choose to homeschool should consider researching Texas’ home school laws or visit the Texas Home School Coalition for further information. 

The Cuero ISD Board of Trustees are scheduled to meet next on Monday, Oct. 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the Cuero Independent School District Board Room located at 960 East Broadway.

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