Despite low turnout, DeWitt County voters agree with the majority of Texans

By Cameron Wallace

Yorktown News-View

Despite having 12,090 registered voters in DeWitt County, only 263 took advantage of early voting, 249 voted by absentee ballot, and 597 voted on election day itself.

Here’s how the election--to vote on eight propositions to amend the Texas Constitution--turned out in DeWitt County, and across the state.

Proposition Number 1 proposed a constitutional amendment expanding the circumstances in which a professional sports team charitable foundation may conduct raffles to raise money for the foundation’s charitable purposes.             

DeWitt For: 83.70%,

State For: 83.82%   

DeWitt Against: 16.30%

State Against: 16.18%

Proposition Number 2 proposed a constitutional amendment allowing the legislature to authorize a county to issue bonds or notes to finance the development or redevelopment of an unproductive, underdeveloped, or blighted area within the county and to pledge for repayment of those bonds or notes increases in property tax revenues imposed on property in the area by the county.

DeWitt For: 53.20%

State For: 63.09%

DeWitt Against: 46.80%

State Against: 36.91%

Proposition Number 3 proposed a constitutional amendment barring the State of Texas or a political subdivision from enacting, adopting, or issuing a statute, order, proclamation, decision, or rule that prohibits or limits religious services.

DeWitt For: 77.51%

State For: 62.42%

DeWitt Against: 22.49%

State Against: 37.58%

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