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Dyer takes over as CISD superintendent

From the humble town of Mauriceville, Texas, Dr. Micah Dyer has taken over as the superintendent of Cuero ISD, replacing interim superintendent Dr. Ben Colwell. Like Colwell, Dyer started out as a coach and teacher with a passion to see students succeed.

Dyer’s first job in teaching was at Hunnington before taking an administration position at Kennard as DAEP (disciplinary alternative education program) director.

“It was such a small school; I was also the head baseball coach in Kennard,” Dyer recalled.

From there, Dyer was going to become the head baseball coach at Trinity.

“They had some turnover, and I moved into administration full-time as an elementary principal,” Dyer recalled. “After Trinity, the very next year, I got hired to move back closer to where I grew up in Kirbyville. I was the junior high principal for three years and was parttime in the administrative office. From there, I got my first superintendent job, and that was in Lovelady.”

Dyer was at Lovelady for seven years before accepting the same position in Cuero.

While at Lovelady, Dyer quipped about his long tenure at the helm of the school district: “Spike Dykes, [former Texas Tech football coach], always told the story, “You need to be careful of how long you stay somewhere. You lose 10 percent of your support every year, but I’ve been here 15 years.”

In all seriousness, though, Dyer and his family loved their time at Lovelady but were ready for a change.

“What attracted us to Cuero is it’s still a small town, but it’s a bigger school, so there’s more education opportunities,” Dyer said. “It’s still that hometown feel. People are friendly. You never meet a stranger.”

Dyer is looking forward to the opportunity of leading Cuero ISD.

“Cuero has got some great things going on,” Dyer stated. “Football is still the number one show in town. You’ve got some great academic programs. Some of your other sports are doing some really good things. We’re looking forward to continuing that tradition of excellence.”

One of the things Dyer told the Cuero ISD Board of Trustees is one of the biggest things that attracted him here is the pride and the support of this town.

“It makes it so much easier to do exceptional things,” Dyer said. “It’s proven that if you back the school, you can do so much better.”

It has been a point of Dr. Dyer to give thanks to Dr. Ben Colwell for his work at Cuero ISD over the past 16 months.

“Once again, I’ve done nothing but sing the praise of Dr. Colwell and some of the things he’s done to stem the tide,” Dyer noted. “The district I’m coming from is going through the same things financially. He [Colwell] has done a great job of slowing that down. We are still looking into some financial things where we can be more cost-efficient in some areas and more frugal in some things without taking away programs from our kids or teachers. We’ve got great principals in place; we’ve got great teachers in place, and I think they’re going to do a great job. We’re going to continue to move forward and grow on the good things that have already happened.”

Curriculum instruction and preparing student for life after high school are critical components for Dyer.

“There are some things we can do, and it’s not really changing anything,” Dyer stated. “If you can do great things for your kids, you can do great things for your community. I’m a big believer in pre-k to the work force. Are we, when kids get out of here, preparing them to be future citizens? Are they prepared to go to college or go into military service or into the work force? We’re creating highlyeffective future citizens.”

Finding a way to bring pre-k back to a full day program is a priority.

“Pre-k is extremely important, because you take any kid, not just a kid from a low socio-economic background, if a kid does not have a fully-functional, high-quality pre-k program, it takes 120 lap hours to get them to where a kids who does have one,” Dyer said.

Lap hours are you sitting there and reading one-on-one with a child.

“The standards now for pre-k is what the standards were for first grade, because curriculum has evolved so much,” Dyer noted. “If you don’t start with that foundation, you’re playing catch up.”

Most importantly, the children must come first when decisions are being made.

“It’s about the children,” Dyer said. “It always is. I like to see great things from kids. In the heart of all of us, we’re teachers. Whether you’re a superintendent, whether you’re an assistant superintendent, whether you’ve moved into administration, it is still a great day for you when you get to get out and see the light bulb come on in a classroom.”

Dyer noted love for the kids must be evident to succeed in this job.

“I believe every kid needs somebody to be crazy about them,” Dyer said. “I think that’s our goal as a school district everyday. Some kids don’t have a great home situation. The school outta be a place where they feel loved, feel appreciated, feel safe and know that people are crazy about them and want the best for them.”

Dyer understands that as a superintendent you lose the closeness of being a classroom teacher, but he still plans to be visible.

“You’re gonna see me out in the community and out in the hallway,” Dyer said. “I wanna see those great things from kids and help support that system. That’s the biggest thing I think I do in my job is help bolster programs.”

Dr. Dyer and his wife, Jaime, have three children: London, Landri and Lainey.

The Cuero ISD Education Foundation will host a welcome reception for Dr. Dyer and his family on Thursday, June 22, from 4:30-6 p.m. in the Cuero ISD Board Room. Refreshments will be provided.

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