Hospital reports revenue increase

By Roger Cowan

The Cuero Record

On Thursday, Sept. 28, the Cuero Regional Hospital Board of Directors met in the Education Classroom of the hospital.

Among the things discussed were the appointment and re-appointment of many positions, as well as the state of hospital financial affairs and facilities. 

It was reported that revenue was up by seventeen percent, and patient admittance had increased by 19.8 percent. Average patient days was around 15.5 days. Along with increased revenue, overall operating expenses had been decreased by 1.5 percent.

While the revenue and expense numbers were well in the black, not all was going smoothly. It was reported that while three of the hospital’s clinics were well in the black, four other the clinics were operating in the red. It was assured that efforts were being made to correct this situation.

Under the new business, it was discussed and approved that the hospital would purchase a Conmed System Electrosurgical Generator, a Boiler Tube Bundle, and a Hematology Analyzer. It was also approved to undertake a Lab renovation Project and to update the security cameras and badge access around the facility.

One of the issues spoken of indepth was the state of the hospital’s boilers. One of the two boilers, responsible for the entire hospital’s hot water supply, is currently out of service while awaiting repairs. Also discussed during the maintenance portion of the meeting was the potential of a larger emergency backup generator. While the current generator is perfectly capapble of running all vital systems, it is not large enough to also opreate the HVAC system. The discussion covered all aspects of the situation such as a larger or second generator, and the possibility of reengineering the facilitiy’s HVAC system so that at least one operating theater would be air conditioned. 

The Board discussed and approved the plans to have a Budget Workshop at noon on Oct. 16.

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