Reeves thankful for community support

By Robert Proctor

The Cuero Record

Only a few weeks after a terrible hunting accident, life is nearly back to normal for Blake Reeve and his family. What could have easily been a devastating start to the holiday season turned into another reason for the Reeves to give God praise and share thanks for their community.

The day before Thanksgiving, Nov. 22, Blake was out hunting with his brother, Colt, like he had done several times that week and many times before. Blake climbed a ladder to reach his hunting position, as usual, but time something went wrong.

“When I got to the top of the ladder, I fell about 20 feet,” he recalled. “Initially, my head was pounding pretty good.”

Before thinking about himself, his mind shifted to Colt, wanting to make sure he hadn’t scared him, but Colt was fine.

“I gave him [Colt] a thumbs up,” Blake said. “After that, I just stayed there. I knew from reading about things that I needed to stay on the ground to make sure I wasn’t paralyzed and hadn’t broken anything. Sometimes you can have an adrenaline rush, but you can be seriously hurt and not really know it.”

The headache went away after a couple minutes, and he decided to get back up in the tree and hunt.

“It was not smart, but I felt fine,” Blake said.

He decided to finish the hunt before driving home and having dinner. After dinner, he had what he later learned was a stroke from the fall.

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