Senior Serve 2018

By Roger Cowan

Yorktown News-View

On Saturday, March 3, the Yorktown High School Class of 2018 held their annual Senior Serve dinner at Yorktown Community Hall. 

In all, there were 356 tickets sold for meals, and the Seniors performed fourteen skits as entertainment for the audience. There was also a silent auction held during the evening. In all, there are 43 seniors graduating Yorktown this year. The proceeds from the evening will go towards Project Graduation.

The News-View would like to extend a huge congratulations to the Class of 2018: Greshen Allman, Taylor Beckham, Caley Brysch, Darrien Campbell, Hunter Day, Kaylee Dueser, Nicholas Duve, Joe Flores, Christa Garcia, Jessica Garcia, Bella Gonzales, Heather Gonzales, Jesse Gonzales, Shawna Gott, Jerome Gwosdz, Evian Hatter, Danielle Hernandez, Connor Hethcoat, Madison Hickman, Keri Hilbrich, Chance Kaiser, Tanner Koricanek, Eran Krause, Nathaniel London, Alexis Longoria, Joseph Matejek, Brian Metting, Austin Miller, Kamden Naranjo, Ethan Queen, Ruby Rosales, Kcymbre Salazar, Regan Saunders, Destiny Segura, Kendrick Soliz, William Stanley, Kirsten Sterling, Trenton Sylvester-Diebel, Ja-Mel Wade, Jayden Webb, Hallei Wehlmann, Mason William and Ryan Zuniga.

May your future be as bright as the light you have shone on Yorktown High School in your time here. Never forget your roots, for without roots you can never grow. Wildcats forever.

Pictured are seniors who participated in the annual Senior Serve on march 3. Front row, left to right, Hunter Day, Caley Brysch, Madison Hickman, Kaylee Dueser, Christa Garcia, Jamel Wade, Alexis Longoria, Jessica Garcia, Grehsen Allman, Darrien Campbell. Back row, left to right, Jayden Webb, Nathan London, Kamden Naranjo, Regan Saunders, Mason Williams, Jerome Gwosdz, Eran Krause, Ryan Zuniga, Brian Metting.

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