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Second district win for Gobblers

By Joseph Cuellar

The Cuero Record

It’s that time of year when football is going into the season; temperatures are a little colder and the skies are a little darker. This is where the men are separated from the boys and in Friday night’s game, we were able to see that on full display.

Playing their second district game of the season, Cuero defeated the Gidding’s Buffaloes 35-7. The Gobblers are now 2-0 in district play and 6-1 overall.

Going further into the year comes with new challenges and on Friday that challenge was overcoming strong winds. It’s no doubt that this affected both teams as passing downfield wasn’t going to be a breeze. None the less the deciding factor of this game was which team could be more physical. That is exactly what assistant head coach, Adam Arroyo, thought as well.

“We won the game being more physical. The wind got us a little bit the first quarter, our quarterback wasn’t sure of it, but he’s got a strong arm,  as strong of an arm as anybody. So once he figured it out, he could just rip right through it and he was fine. Our physicalness on offense and defense as well as quickness on defense helped us win this ball game tonight,” said Arroyo.

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